"You don't take a photograph, you make it"
--Ansel Adams 
On October 26 thru November 7, 2010, my sons, Ryan and Ben, and I went to Scotland!!  All my life I have been in love with Scotland--the land where my family is from--and have always had a longing to go visit, but never dreamed I would actually ever be able to go there.  But, my oldest son, Ryan, suprised me with his Chistmas gift to me in 2009 with a trip to Scotland!  He said it was one of his "Life Goals"--to take his dad to Scotland!  During the next year we saved money and planned, and with my other son, Ben, the three of us made the trip in October. 

So, how was it?  It was EVERYTHING I had hoped and dreamed--and MORE!!!  What made it even more wonderful was being able to spend this time together with Ryan and Ben.  It was the highlight of my life and a memory I will treasure forever.  Not a day goes by that I do not think of our time in Scotland.  The only thing that could top it would be to be able to go back again........

I decided to make this page a place of memories of our trip for my family and visitors to my site.  I hope you enjoy what we have to share here and that you will be inspired to live out and come to realize your dreams as well.
I am in the process of reprocessing ALL of our photos to present them as true to our memories as possible.  I have finished Ben's, about half of mine, and still have to process Ryan's.  Please check back later--or contact me for update on more photos as they are posted to the galleries below.
This Gallery holds a collection of HDR photos (High Dynamic Range) that I produced from a number of our favorite photos from the galleries above.
While we were in Scotland I recorded on a blog, each day, the things that we were seeing and doing for the benfit of friends and family.  I'm so glad I did this and I return to it from time to time to relive the memories. Hope you enjoy them, too.
One of the reasons we chose to go in October--besides that being my favorite time of year and all the Autumn colours--was because that is the time of the year when The Enchanted Forest is on display in Faskally Wood in Pitlochry.  I've known about this for years always thought it would be so fantastic to see it.  We did and it was incredible!!  Check out the slide-show presentation with the specially composed music for the 2010 event below.