"You don't take a photograph, you make it"
--Ansel Adams 
For the past few years it has been an honor to be able to photograph these wonderful symphonies.

The Sacramento Youth Symphony began in 1956 and has established and maintained a tradition of excellence that inspires and nurtures an appreciation of orchestral music in young people of the greater Sacramento region

The Folsom Lake Symphony, founded in 2004, continues to enrich our communities with live performances of great musical works that reflect the brilliance and enjoyability of the classics. 

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Sacramento Youth Symphony
Enchanted Isles
May 14, 2010
Sugar & Spice
February 14, 2011
"Symphony of 1000"
Special Panorama Photo
The Voice of a Legend
FLS with Pasquale Esposito
Crest Theater
May 14, 2016